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KUHO’s flagship store combines fashion and art

KUHO combines art and fashion 2

Samsung C & T’s womenswear “KUHO” showcases the exhibition and collaboration line “Artisan” with Doha, a furniture designer to build its image of a lifestyle brand.

Ham-Doha Collaboration is held under the theme of “Sentiment” in the showroom on the second floor of the flagship store in Hannam-dong, Seoul, until the 31st of this month.

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Hannam-dong, a lively neighborhood in central Seoul near Itaewon, is becoming a popular spot for all kinds of cultural experiences, including fashion.

Source : Fashion Biz

It is in this area full of designer stores and galleries that KUHO, a Korean fashion label, launched its first flagship store, called “The House of KUHO”.

KUHO introduced ‘Artisan’, an exclusive line to attract young customers. This line is combined with Ham Doha, a famous furniture designer, and artwork with distinctive colors and curves. It has a limited edition including sweatshirts, eco bags, pouches and brooches.

The exhibition displays 31 works including furniture, lighting, and painting.

KUHO combines art and fashion
Source : Fashion Biz

The designer creates a personalized work by projecting the concept of ’emotion’, which is accompanied by all the acts that people feel and sympathize with, in  their interaction feel  furniture.

Visitors can feel various subjective interpretations about the meaning and expression of the household and change the emotion.

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Park Ji-na, director of “KUHO” said “We have organized exhibitions to share a brand identity that pursues total lifestyle beyond clothing and enhance customer communication. We will strengthen brand identity through the works of Ham designer and Artisan line to deliver differentiated values.”

(Source: Fashion Biz )

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