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Dada Group scales up the ‘415 Shopping Festival’

China’s on-demand retail and delivery platform Dada Group announced its plans to scale up the “415 Intra-City Shopping Festival ” which will be held from 8th to 17th April on the group’s  JDDJ platform and “Shop Now”. It is the first time that the event will be co-organized through both channels.

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The event is also expected to reach its largest-ever scale with over 150,000 offline stores across over 1,700 cities and counties engaged, to provide consumers in China with products across all categories, deliverable within one hour.

Initiated by JDDJ seven years ago, the event is  known as one of the most important on-demand shopping festivals in China. Shop Now, the service that integrates on-demand location-based retail capabilities of both Dada and, joins forces with JDDJ during the Festival.

Consumers can participate in the Festival using JDDJ’s mobile App or WeChat mini program, and through “Nearby”, a new tab on the homepage of the’s mobile App, which facilitates customers’ access to offline stores nearby. Products that are labeled with “Shop Now”, are supported by Dada’s “One-hour” delivery service that guarantees timely deliveries.

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This year, retailers such as Walmart, CR Vanguard, Yonghui, Carrefour, Apple authorized stores, Sephora, are engaged in selling products across all categories including supermarket groceries, fresh products, mobile phones and electronics, home appliances, cosmetics, fashion, maternal and baby products, medications, flowers and pastry.