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Chu Ja-hyeon & Woo Hyo-kwang to become a model of Vivlas

Vivlas new model actor

Actors Chu Ja-hyeon and Woo Hyo-kwang, who appeared on SBS entertainment program ‘ Dongsang Imong’ recently, were selected as models of the cosmetics brand Vivlas.

Vivlas has a brand philosophy of confident beauty. Vivlas official said “we are looking forward to the synergy of Chu Ja-hyeon who is sophisticated and healthy energy, and Woo Hyo-kwang who is honest and loving with the brand philosophy of Vivlas.

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“I often used Vivlas Vital Water Mask packs that lasted for long periods of time, and I’m happy to be selected as a brand model,” Chu Ja-hyeon said.

Vivlas is a cosmetic brand that pursues the distinctive beauty of a brand philosophy that is characteristic of an independent and imposing woman found in all seasons.

Especially, ‘revive me lips’ (fountain pen lipstick) is a motif of fountain pen used for signing, so it is filled with the spirit of beauty feminism that supports women who are dignified and beautifully decorate themselves with their own signature.

The fountain pen lipstick proved to be very popular, with a record of 100,000 copies in 10 minutes, the biggest shopping festival in China.

Vivlas will hold a ‘ Vivlas Day’ event at Time Square in Yeongdeungpo from December 2 to 3 in commemoration of the launch of the new 3STEP cleansing line.

The brand models Chu Ja Hyeon and Woo Hyo Kwang will attend the special event of ‘ Vivlas Day’.

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Vivlas Day’ is equipped with an experiential zone where customers can experience new products. In the experiencing zone, various events such as SNS certification event and homepage signup event are going on.

Vivlas is speeding up to expand its domestic distribution. It opened Lotte Duty-free shop, Shilla, Doota, and Donghwa duty-free shops after the Shinsegae duty-free shop.