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Chinese beauty brand Yuesai appoints Zhang Zilin as first brand ambassador

Zhang Zilin

L’Oréal-owned Yuesai said that Zilin – a Chinese actress, singer, fashion model and beauty queen who won Miss China World in 2007 and later was crowned as Miss World 2007 – has been scouted to represent the contemporary C-beauty globally.

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“For me, beauty means a kind of status, every Chinese woman has her own unique charm, just like Yuesai and its founder Madame Yue Sai, with toughness inside and tenderness outside, containing internal and external beauty both,” said Zhang Zilin, in a press release announcing the news.

“As a typical Chinese girl growing up to become Miss World, what I aspire, is to see the world while not forgetting the originality. Together with Yuesai, I hope to let the world see the beauty of China. I hope that together with Yuesai, we can present the beauty of China to the globe more,” continued Zilin.

Zilin will also play a role in the creation of upcoming beauty products for Chinese women under the Yuesai banner.

“We are very grateful to have Zilin to represent our brand Yuesai. Beyond her beauty, it is her grace that embodies the wholesomeness of Chinese women,” said Gail Lee, General Manager of Yuesai.

“Having known her over the years, she continues to empower herself in different roles of life to give her best, to care for others, to evolve herself through ups and downs. It is her self-empowering spirit, her beauty and grace that makes Zilin a perfect match with Yuesai in representing C-beauty and its innate power,” continued Lee.

Founded in 1992 by Madame Yue Sai, a media maven who hosted TV docu-series “Looking East” and brought global attention to Chinese beauty, Yue Sai is said to have introduced modern cosmetics to Chinese women. The unique luxury brand creates luxurious and essential beauty products for Chinese women, mixing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and modern science.

French cosmetics conglomerate L’Oréal Group acquired the Chinese luxury beauty brand Yuesai from U.S. beauty giant Coty, in 2004.

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Yuesai today sits within L’Oréal Group’s prestige beauty vertical, L’Oréal Luxe, alongside Biotherm, Shu Uemura, Yves Saint Laurent, Atelier Cologne, Ralph Lauren, Cacharel, Diesel, Viktor & Rolf, Urban Decay, It Cosmetics, Thierry Mugler and more.