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China market: 780 million smartphone-based active surfers in 2015, say report

There were 780 million smartphone-based active users of mobile Internet services in the China market in 2015, accounting for 56.9% of the population, according to a joint report by Internet Society of China (ISC) and National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China (CNCERT/CC).

There were 1.13 billion smartphones in active use for mobile access to the Internet in 2015 and 16.76% of active surfers used Apple’s iPhones, followed by Samsung’s smartphones (15.78%), Huawei’s (15.56%), Xiaomi’s (14.24%),Vivo’s (8.66%), Oppo’s (8.66%), Lenovo’s (6.93%), Coolpad’s (4.29%), HTC’s (2.95%) and LG’s (1.05%).

The most frequently visited websites were of three categories: social networking, search and e-commerce.

There were 1.4775 million malicious software applications found in 2015 and 99.6% of them were based on Android, 0.1974% on Symbian, 0.0005% on iOS and 0.0003% on J2me. Android models accounted for 71.24% of smartphones affected with malicious applications, Symbian 17.82% and iOS 10.94%.

Among the three mobile telecom carriers, China Mobile subscribers accounted 68.40% of mobile Internet surfers affected with malicious applications, China Unicom 27.11% and China Telecom 4.49%.

(Source: Digitimes )