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BMW launches “BMW Luxury Class Showroom”


Keeping its fingers on the pulse of the world’s phenomenal technological advancement and people’s endless quest for precision as well as uniqueness, BMW is committed to satisfying the most discerning car owners by constantly perfecting its products and elevating its individualization options.

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Today, BMW has redefined contemporary opulence through its interminable efforts, enabling car owners to experience a one-of-a-kind riding journey that marks a new milestone in driving pleasure. Following the successful launch of THE X7 and the sensational comeback of THE 8 Coupé in June, the marque proudly announces the opening of its first-ever top-notch luxurious showroom in Hong Kong.

The distinctive BMW Luxury Class Showroom, which is designed to house its top-class models merges ultimate driving pleasure and the epitome of quality lifestyle to create an extraordinary brand experience for all BMW owners. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, it will serve as a pleasant oasis amidst the busy concrete jungle.

Source: BMW

Significantly located in the business hub of Wanchai on Gloucester Road, BMW’s flagship showroom has been serving customers since 2007. Taking BMW’s professional BMW Group Importer BMW Concessionaires (HK) Ltd. team of architectural engineers, creative director and local team over a year to plan, this newly refurbished state-of-the-art showroom turns a new page for the marque and marks a new era for BMW in Hong Kong.

Unlike other automobile showrooms, the BMW Luxury Class Showroom meticulously combines cutting-edge technology with quality lifestyle, delivering a retail and customer experience like no other. Powered by its commitment to breaking new grounds, this extensive refurbishment project took the team of professionals over 3 months to complete.

Totally doing away with the traditional concept of focusing on cars only at an automobile showroom, the new design language applied amalgamates the technological elements of the automotive industry with contemporary luxury lifestyle. It has strived to create a one-of-a-kind “customer-oriented” interior that seamlessly integrates multimedia interactive retail elements with innovative technology, opulence and contemporary lifestyle. T

The enticing interior injects an extra touch of personalization into lifestyle, which delivers the genuine beauty of modern lifestyle. Exploiting the five senses, this avant-garde space truly embraces innovation and opulence, redefining contemporary luxury and allowing people to indulge in cutting-edge technology as well as experience unrivalled lavishness.

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In celebrating the official opening of <BMW Luxury Class Showroom>, a guided
discovery tour – the “BMW Luxury Class exclusive Five Sense Journey ” is offered from
October 28 to November 10, 2019. Simply by pre-registering online, customers will
enjoy the flagship limousine shuttle service to the exquisite showroom to enjoy an
exceptional discovery tour guided by special consultants. Complimentary valet
parking is also offered.