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Amazon opens its first physical clothing store

Amazon is set to open its first physical Amazon Style apparel store, promising a high-tech shopping experience. It will provide consumers with an app that will allow them to select items, size, and color, and have it delivered to a fitting room or pickup counter. The first store will open at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles “later this year,” according to the company.

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Amazon stated it will feature “hundreds of brands” picked by fashion designers, as well as “input from millions of customers.” The stores will have twice as many styles as traditional stores, but shoppers will not have to seek for the proper size or color manually. Instead, shoppers may use the Amazon Shopping App to scan its QR code to see sizes, colors, customer ratings, and other information. If customers don’t need to try it on, they can send it to the fitting room or straight to the pickup counter. The new store also employs an AI-powered system to recommend new things based on what you have already chosen.

Shoppers can use the app to access  the fitting room, which will contain all of the goods they have chosen. Each has a touchscreen that allows customers to keep shopping and request new things to try on without having to leave the store.

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Amazon has already launched a number of Fresh supermarkets, as well as bookstores and a hair salon. It didn’t clarify whether it will use the cashierless “Just Walk Out” technology featured in Fresh and Whole Foods or Amazon One palm recognition for checkout.