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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : Guiltless goes offline in Hong Kong

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Guiltless is one of the major premier luxury consignment websites offering up to 80% off pre-loved and off-season designer apparel, handbags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches and lifestyle products.


Founded by Yen Kuok in Hong Kong, Guiltless has soon become the destination for second-hand luxury goods worldwide.

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Retail in Asia has met Yen Kuok during the launch of her pop-up store opened with Storefront on 24 October for one month initially, and then extended till 26 December 2017 given the high demand for an offline experience.

In the video interview Yen presented Guiltless as a sustainable project based on pre-loved luxury goods. She also explained how her business is based on people’s desire for those goods. So was the idea of going offline with a temporary outlet to enable everybody to experience Guiltless curated collection, which showcases vintage products and limited editions.

We also asked Yen to talk about how the store is carefully designed with a series of digital touchpoints to preserve its nature of internet native business and at the same time enhance the offline customer journey. We also tried to understand whether the pop-up store was the beginning of an offline guiltless plan.

During the interview, we talked about the Hermes Kelly and Birkin handbags, also on sale in the shop. Unfortunately, 14 of which and one YSL bag  were stolen from the shop located  at the first-floor of the Man Yee Building shopping centre for a reported loss of HK$2 million.

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Guiltless has just announced the launch of free pickups in Hong Kong to meet its customers’ demand.


Watch the video interview and find out more about Guiltless  sustainable project based on pre-loved luxury goods.

Thanks to Storefront for arranging the interview.