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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with InvestHK : Why Hong Kong is your business destination?

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been regarded as the first business destination in Asia thanks to its fast-pace evolving environment and opportunities to engage in a dynamic entrepreneurial community.

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Furthermore, for decades Hong Kong was the gateway to Asia, and for some aspects it is still the preferred destination for foreign companies to invest.

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Retail in Asia has met Dr. Jimmy Chiang, Associate Director-General at investHK to better understand HK business ecosystem and how it evolving within the framework of the One Silk One Road initiative and the Greater Bay Area development scheme.

With a particular focus on retail, this interview aims to provide an overview on the current HK business ecosystem and understand which sectors and opportunities are there to explore.

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Dr. Jimmy Chiang helped us navigating the myriad of resources, which are there to land in HK or expand an existing business.


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