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Exclusive interview: Swarovski, 120 years of #BrillianceForAll

Exclusive interview Swarovski, 120 years of #BrillianceForAll 2

Retail Congress Asia Pacific 2017 invited Michele Molon, Executive Vice President Omnichannel and Commercial Operations of Swarovski, to talk about the strategies adopted to engage the connected consumers.

Exclusive interview Swarovski, 120 years of #BrillianceForAll
Source : Swarovski

Retail in Asia has interviewed Michele Molon and asked him to explain how a 120 year-old business has adjusted to the digital ecosystem, and responded to the millennials’ demands.

Ria: How does Swarovski, a 120 year-old business, target the connected consumers and remain relevant? 

Michele : Swarovski is present in 170 countries around the world, which means that in 120 years, Swarovski has seen a constant growth. Asia is one of the most important markets for us, however, we do not identify our profitability within a particular country or demographics.

Swarovski is very well known, and the key point is that each of us knows Swarovski for different reasons, for different products, and the encounter between the brand and the customer can take place at different stages in life. America and Europe have a tradition of crystal creations and home décor, but other markets have more appetite for watches, jewellery, fashion accessories. Swarovski travels across time and space.

The vision of Swarovski’s founder was “to create a diamond for every woman”, we make use of the omnichannel revolution to communicate our vision across different channels to ensure that ‘everybody’ understands this message.

Swarovski is consistent in its communication, and benefits from the digital world in terms of communication of the message and distribution of our products, but also in establishing a closer relationship between the brand and the consumer.

Swarovski is not arrogant in conveying its brand identity and remains relevant as it becomes part of people’s life. Consumers like the fact that they can play with Swarovski, and see it as a shine in their daily life.

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Ria:How does Swarovski play with design to meet the youngest generations’ demand?  

Michele: Swarovski adopts a consumer-oriented approach. It develops the product design based on the CRM feedback of its customers. Simultaneously the role of creative director is to not only follow fashion trends, but also to anticipate them, striving for innovation. The corollary touch is given by our marketing team, which does an incredible job in engaging consumers through different platforms.

Today, we do not have any specific project. We work in different sectors, from watches, to jewellery, crystal creations and home décor, so if you like the sparkles you will inevitably end up buying Swarovski.

Quality comes first, and millennials like the idea of quality, but for every day and matching with an easy-going lifestyle. They search for products, which are easy to find, easy to wear, easy to buy.

RiA : How do you recreate the Swarovski experience online? 

Michele: Swarovski is about consistency. Everything that is part of Swarovski DNA is digitally translated. Everything that happens offline, is part of the digital experience, but converted into digital touchpoints. Most importantly, not in one channel, but in all the channels.

When you walk into a store, you are welcomed in a particular way, the same thing happens online, emotions are different, but the Swarovski essence is there. When you check-out your products online, you get the same services as the offline experience.

In some countries, we have already launched additional services such as click-and-collect, click-and-reserve, then you go to the store, you get the same service, but without queuing, the staff already knows what you want, they know your name, your purchase history, but it is up to you. If you want that part, otherwise, you can have a traditional retail experience.

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Swarovski has embraced digital transformation. It is not easy. It is a long journey, our distribution stretches from one side of the globe to the other. We have approximately 2800 stores, and now we will manage more and more digital channels.

Next year, you will see some new endeavors, starting from changes in the official website, to the development of third-party websites. There will be many surprises to enlighten our aficionados’ experience.