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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : MarketingPulse brings the GRAMMYs to Hong Kong

Grammy Awards

Music is one of the industries that has been disrupted by the advent of new technology. We have gone from vinyls and tapes to CD and now apps, but vinyls are coming back again with this trend of retro which is pervading many industries.

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Evan Greene
Source : The Recording Academy

“Coupled with the desire to push forward and continue the march of progress is an inherent appreciation for nostalgia…for the way things used to be. That isn’t to say that we are going back to rotary phones, but there has always been a certain elegance associated with paying respect to what has come before. Quality endures, which is why some of the most classic legacy musical artists like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and others are enjoying significant popularity among millennials and today’s younger generation,” commented Mr. Evan Greene, The Recording Academy’s CMO, in charge of the GRAMMYs.

Promoting music in the digital era has become a challenge and it requires continuous innovation. Evan will join the MarketingPulse to provide his experience in working in such a fast-changing industry.

MarketingPulse, a regional premium conference for marketers and brands to be held 21 March 2018 in Hong Kong and organized by HKTDC. The conference aims to provide a platform to discuss for marketing and advertising experts to share best practices but also discuss current issues within the industry.


Retail in Asia has met Mr. Evan Greene and asked him to share about his participation to MarketingPulse and his view on music industry and Asia.

Prior to The Recordng Academy, Evan worked for companies such as SONY and Walt Disney, where there are consumer goods and products to sell, while at The Recording Academy is all about music and nowadays it goes far from materiality.

Evan explained indeed that : “At the Recording Academy, we do not necessarily sell a product. Rather, when considering the GRAMMY brand, we promote an ideal. The ideal of excellence, prestige and the pinnacle of achievement. Therefore, rather than the monetization of transactions, our currency is the loyalty and trust we establish among our audience. This requires us to be far more thoughtful and contemplative of our efforts. After all, our brand and our IP is the only thing we really own, so with perception being so central to our success, tarnishing our brand has very serious downside consequences.”

While trying to target a specific market for GRAMMYs, it is more about building a community of fans, gathered together by one passion, which is music.  The GRAMMYs have a profound impact on artists’ careers. From the moment they are nominated, they will forever be introduced as a GRAMMY Nominee or GRAMMY Winner. This exponentially increase credibility, and very often leads to significantly increased sales. The community that The Recording Academy aims to build is made of people who recognize the prestige of the GRAMMY brand.

Evan’s visit to Asia represent also a moment of reflection on the fact that There is not great familiarity with many Asian artists in the US, which represents a very significant growth opportunity.


We were curious to know whether there was any plans for an Asian GRAMMY, but it seems there is no ongoing process yet. However, Evan has highlighted the importance of targeting markets outside US to build the community. The GRAMMYs are broadcast to hundreds of millions of fans across 190 countries worldwide, so the opportunity to expand our marketing efforts is quite significant. “We believe our domestic marketing efforts are firmly in place, and have been focusing on a number of other key territories over the past several years. China is a priority for us, as we have established a joint venture there, and have a number of projects in development,” Evan said.

In China, there are specific requirements and sensitivities to consider for many products, and music is not an exception. That is why US artists have very few dates in Asia, and in China they very often  get rejected.

Worldwide we have seen the proliferation of music artists developing their own brands in sectors like fashion for example and providing a 360 degree branded world. ComplexCon, for instance, represents a platform for this new trend. Evan shared with us the positive attitude towards this phenomenon and said : “We enjoy a very positive relationship with the artist community, and we integrate artists into many of our overall Recording Academy/GRAMMY marketing efforts. However, we do represent artists for outside commercial ventures as this goes beyond the scope of the Recording Academy’s specific mission.”

If you want to know more about The Recording Academy and the GRAMMY,  join the MarketingPulse. Evan, together with other marketing leaders, will share their best marketing practices and engage with the audience to define innovative marketing strategies across sectors.


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