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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : Lennise CEO and co-founder of

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Lennise CEO and co-founder of

The Malaysian B2B sector recently welcomed an ordering platform for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) actors. was founded in October 2016 by Lennise Ng and Aizat Rahim with the objective of increasing connectivity in-between businesses. Through this initiative, both retailers and suppliers can find appropriate partners to work with.

The company was born from the desire to modernize and digitize traditional companies and the way they perform. This constitutes a challenge, as brands always need time to adapt and integrate new processes.

In order to realize this project, founders started off with a significant amount of their own capital injection. A few months later, was backed up financially by a business angel who greatly contributed to its expansion.

According to Lennise, her customers in South East Asia are mainly “wholesalers and principles of FMCG brands”, especially in the food industry. Operating in the B2B sector makes it hard for a company like this one to stand out.

This explains why it “created a quality, convenient system platform” at the service of its customers. For Lennise, providing an excellent customer service encourages word of mouth, which is essential in attracting new customers.

Moreover, is looking to grow its customer base by mid-2018. In this way, it is planning to expand regionally across South East Asia, starting from Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

This future development can only be wished for a company willing to bring actors together to cooperate and intensify the market.