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Tesla hires Chester Chipperfield as Global Creative Director

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Tesla recently made a key hire in digital retail and user experience by hiring Chester Chipperfield, former Burberry Vice President of Digital and Interactive Design, earlier this month.

He is taking over the role of ‘Global Creative Director’ at Tesla after leaving ‘Special Projects’, which is where Apple’s Titan car project (and other ventures) lives, at the Cupertino company earlier this month.

Chester Chipperfield

Chipperfield has extensive experience in digital retail, which he led at Burberry where he worked from 2011 to 2014 before joining Apple in ‘Special Projects’ in January 2015. He will be joining several other former fashion industry employees at Tesla, including from his own former employer, Burberry.

Last year, Tesla hired Ganesh Srivats, longtime Burberry exec and most recently Senior Vice President of Retail-Americas, to lead its sales effort in North America. Since Srivats, Tesla has hired a few more Burberry employees to manage retail locations.

While it looks like Tesla’s retail effort is already been fairly influenced by the fashion world – and not only through its workforce but through actually selling directly in fashion stores with its recent pilot project with Nordstrom and in upscale fashion malls – now Tesla’s digital retail effort will also be influenced by a former Burberry exec.

(Source: Electrek)