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Zenyum opens pop-up store in Hong Kong

Source: Zenyum

Zenyum, a Singapore-based startup providing 3D-printed invisible braces as well as oral care products opened “SMILE LAND”, a three-storey pop-up store in Central district on 9th December.

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Founded in 2018, Zenyum began by matching dentists’ expertise with technology to provide 3D-printed invisible braces. It quickly expanded its product range to toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth wash products. It is currently operating in nine markets across Asia.

Zenyum aims to “give everyone the perfect smile”. Its philosophy is illustrated in the smile-themed pop-up “SMILE LAND”.

“SMILE LAND” is a dedicated three-part experience that starts with the Instagram-able overhead droplet installation on the ground floor. On the first floor, visitors will find “Unexpected Adventure” sonic experience created by local installation artist Chan Po Fung. His installation art visualises the 33,000 vibrations the ZenyumSonic™️ toothbrush delivers per minute. The different vibration patterns from three cleaning modes on the toothbrush is translated into patterns on Chladni plates, where sand particles dances to the vibrations under matching music. To finish the visit, visitors are invited to dive into a pink ball pool on the second floor.

Source: Zenyum

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Visitors can also discover the range of Zenyum products and enjoy a free Zenyum Invisible Braces assessment. The pop-up store is open until 31st January 2022.