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Winona opens its first offline counter in Hangzhou

Chinese skincare brand, Winona, unveiled its first offline counter in Hangzhou, China in December 2021.

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Located at Intime Department Store Hangzhou, Winona’s first offline store is divided into two areas: one dedicated to the company’s products and the other to services. The store features 26 products, including the brand’s best sellers such as anti-sensitive moisturising essence and anti-sensitive moisturising tolerance extreme cream. In the service area, Winona’s staff members can do skin analysis through professional skin testers to help customers understand their skin condition and choose skincare products that are more suitable for them.

In September 2021, Winona opened its first offline experience centre in Shanghai, namely Winona Lingkong Experience Centre.

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Founded in 2008 in Yunnan, Winona is a dermatological skincare brand. By combining patented extraction technology with dermatologically gentle formulas, Winona creates products uniquely appropriate for sensitive skin.