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Valentino Beauty boutique opens in Hong Kong

Valentino Beauty - Harbour City Boutique - 01

Valentino Beauty opened the world’s first Valentino Beauty Boutique at Harbour City in Hong Kong on 5th August, 2021.

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“Valentino Beauty is for the dreamers,” explains Maison Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Picciolo, whose vision for the collection is to celebrate individuality, inclusivity and self- expression through the power of make-up.

After years in the making, the fashion house’s first foray into beauty is a vibrant, versatile and innovative line-up that invites the wearer to dream up their own idea of beauty. The versatile range is an array of blazing hues – an ode to a key pillar of the Couture fashion house; exquisite textures and high-performance formulas, it is an invitation to create beauty dream. An ode to self-expression that not only celebrates the extraordinary in the everyday, it celebrates the extraordinary in each individual.

“Valentino Beauty’s strategic decision to open its first beauty boutique worldwide in Hong Kong demonstrated the brand’s confidence in the Hong Kong market,” said Eva Yu, President and Managing Director of L’Oreìal Hong Kong.

“As a strong couture brand under L’Oreìal Groupe, it will no doubt bring customers unique beauty products and experiences. In addition, the brand’s strong focus on sustainability echoes L’Oreìal Groupe’s global sustainability commitment under ‘L’Oreìal for the Future’ and our commitment to driving green beauty in Hong Kong,” continued Yu.

Maison Valentino speaks in red – a color that is a language and that demonstrates its identity. A multifaceted shade, red accentuates an embracing selection of possibilities. Timeless, bold and fine. It also speaks volume for the brand’s two new distinct identities: sustainability and Offline plus Online (O+O) retail strategy.

The versatility of each Valentino Beauty product – multi-use, multi-finishes – speaks to the freedom of expression and individuality that lies at the core of the brand, because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

An answer to Valentino’s commitment to responsible consumption, Valentino Rosso (Lipsticks) and the diminutive MiniRosso and powder of the dreamy Go-Clutch are refillable and can be alternated to reflect one’s mood when Couture and Beauty align.

The design of the brand’s first beauty boutique reflected an eco-friendly approach where all of the display modules are buildable grids. They can be easily dissembled and redesigned according to visual merchandising needs thus creating no wastage.

Addressing the growing issues of excessive product packaging, Valentino Beauty has dropped the use of paper wrapping and adopted the use of reusable shopping bag. Graceful, essential yet practical, this versatile shopping bag conveys the concept of a fashion accessory in the realm of beauty.

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Values of equality and diversity for a new generation has no boundaries and is open to possibilities. Valentino Beauty invites customers to venture their make-up playground online or offline by scanning QR code next to each product, where more information and tips on applications, make-up demo can be found. Professional makeup artists are also one text away for any product recommendations or consultation needs.