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Under Armour opens first brand house at Harbour City, Hong Kong

This November, Under Armour opened its first Brand House at Harbour City’s Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong, with a floor area of 1,485 square feet.

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The Ocean Terminal Brand House brings customers a fully immersive brand experience. Under Armour also features its advanced performance driven innovations such as RUSH™, a mineral infused fabric that is designed to enhance performance by recycling the body’s energy during workouts, and HOVR™, made for all levels of runners and all types of running. The HOVR™ foam + Energy web helps to give back the energy users put into every step, so that users can go the distance.

Under Armour is also teaming with local artist, Yu Cheung to design segments in the store that best characterise their interpretation of the theme: ‘What does Hong Kong’s street culture mean to you?’.

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As Under Armour grounds itself in Ocean Terminal, the brand continues to deliver on its vision for athletes around the globe and to provide them with high performance solutions they never knew they needed but cannot imagine living without.