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Featured launches 11.11 Mega Sale launched a 11.11 Mega Sale for two weeks from 1st to 14th November in Hong Kong, with at least two popular hotels open for booking at up to 50 percent off every day.

SEE ALSO : Group signs joint venture with Rosewood Hotel Group and Tongpai Hotels also introduces “Triple Spending Privileges” which will run on 1st and 11th November, on which there will be 1) HK$111 coupons; 2) 11% off coupons; and 3) hotel deals for just HK$11.

In addition to a variety of discounts on popular attractions and event tickets such as Keigo Open House and the “Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park” Exhibition, the first 10 orders on 11th November for Ocean Park and Ocean Park Water World tickets will be eligible for a second ticket.

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From 1st to 10th November starting from 11:11am daily, and from 00:00 (midnight) on 11th November, users can enjoy a flash sale on a variety of selected hotels. The offers are on a first-come, first-served basis, featuring no less than 50 hotel rooms.