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Taiwan FamilyMart introduces soda pop ice cream

FamilyMart ice cream

To get ready for the hot summer, the FamilyMart convenience store in Taiwan has launched the soda pop ice cream.

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In addition to the use of soda pop from traditional “ganzidian,” it is blended with lemon juice to balance out the sweet and sour taste, creating a slightly pink aquamarine blue color. It is expected to become the next wave of trend on Instagram.

With the recent rise of retro trend in Taiwan, FamilyMart launched the milky juice ice cream, a popular flavor in Taiwan, at the beginning of the year, which has brought back customer’s nostalgic memories. Therefore, in June 2019, they decided to launch the iconic and antique flavor, soda pop ice cream.

In addition to the launch of soda pop ice cream, Family Mart will also introduce the summer watermelon slurpee.

It is made out of three layers of red, white, and greens smoothies topped with chocolate popping candy as watermelon seeds. The bottom layer is made out of condensed milk smoothies mixed with Taiwanese green-skinned cantaloupe jams, creating a visual sense of fresh watermelon. With the additional topping of milk will add an even more refreshing taste.

As for 7-11, it launched the exclusive GODIVA Hawaiian nuts dark chocolate ice cream throughout Taiwan.

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It provides customers with a luxury chocolate ice cream experience that can not be purchased even in the GODIVA store. It is limited to only 250,000 ice creams in the whole Taiwan market and it is expected to cause a whole new trend on Instagram as well.

(Source: Ettoday)