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Swedish firms seek to invest in Southeast Asia

Mikael Damberg - Retail in Asia

Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, said the opportunities for trade between Sweden and Southeast Asia are immense.

“With a rapidly growing middle class and a population of 650 million people, the growth of the region is one of the highest in the world,” he said during the Sweden-Southeast Asia Business Summit held recently in Singapore.

Southeast Asia has the third largest labour force, and it’s the fourth largest exporter in the world.

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The Innovation Union Scoreboard 2016, an index published by the European Commission, ranks Sweden as the leading country for innovation among EU member states.

Co-hosted by Embassy of Sweden in Singapore, the summit was attended by 600 Swedish companies across business sectors ranging from service to manufacturing and retail are present in Southeast Asia and inventing tomorrow’s world.

“The purpose of the Sweden-Southeast Asia Business Summit is to provide a platform for Swedish businesses to get insights into the potential that the markets of Southeast Asia have to offer and to identify synergies between companies and across markets,” Damberg said.