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E-commerce contributes to Vietnam’s growth

After five years of implementation of the General Plan to Develop Electronic Commerce 2011-15, e-commerce has contributed greatly to Vietnam’s socio-economic growth.

A new general plan for the next five years, to be released by the Ministry of Trade, was discussed at the seminar "Policies for E-Commerce in Viet Nam 2015" held in HCM City on Friday.

"By 2020, e-commerce will strongly develop in all cities and provinces," Tran Huu Linh, head of the Ministry of Trade’s E-Commerce and Information Technology Department, said at the seminar. Business to customer (B2C) e-commerce worldwide by 2020 will reach annual growth of 20 per cent and gain USD3.4 trillion, of which cross-border e-commerce will take 30 percent or more than USD1 trillion.

(Source: Viet Nam News)