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First time’s the charm – Amazon’s Prime Day success in Singapore

Prime day, Amazon’s own one-day-only retail holiday, was introduced in 2015 to overtake the well-established Black Friday and Cyber Monday and become the sales event of the year.

The student has now surpassed the master as the number of ordered items by prime members in Singapore went through the roof for the exclusive shopping event surpassing those of Cyber Monday, Black Friday and the launch of Prime Now.

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Prime Day is a one-day only global shopping event exclusively for Prime members. Amazon Prime is a paid membership programme currently charged S$2.99 a month, with the option of a 30-day free trial. It offers members free international shipping, exclusive shopping and entertainment benefits. Crucial benefit of the program in Singapore is the free two-hour delivery service on a wide range of products for orders over S$40.

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This year, Amazon welcomed the Singaporean market to celebrate Prime Day. The kickoff was given at midday on July 16 where prime members were given 36 hours to shop with exclusive advantages.  Members enjoyed deals on a variety of categories including groceries, beauty products, consumer electronics and home appliances. Coca-Cola Zero, Kleenex toilet tissue and Play-Doh playsets were among the best-selling items for the event. Members also received thousands of units of free gifts and samples and enjoyed significant savings through credit card promotions.

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Henry Low, director of Prime Now Asia-Pacific said they “were excited to bring Amazon’s epic shopping event to Singapore for the first time this year to say “thank you” to our members”. A very-well received thank you as more members in Singapore joined Prime on 17 July than on any other single day since its launch.

Prime Day is now officially Amazon’s biggest global shopping event in its history, another notch on the company’s belt.

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