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Pizza Hut debuts in Cambodia

Pizza Hut Cambodia

Pizza Hut International is set to debut in Cambodia in August 2021 where the modern dining experience is a growing trend.

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The first store will open in Phnom Penh near the Russian market, the expat and business hub, with two more stores set to open in the coming months. Franchise partner, United Food Group plans to open 30 stores within two to three years. United Food Group (UFG) is a local company, and the owner of Cambodia’s popular restaurant Park Café, which is currently open in 20 locations.

“Pizza Hut International is proud to partner with United Food Group to open the market’s first Pizza Hut in Cambodia,” said Unnat Varma, Pizza Hut Asia Pacific Managing Director.

“We are excited to enter Cambodia, a land of rich culture and heritage. The new Pizza Hut will feature the most modern and delicious pizza experience across all channels including dine-in, delivery, take-out and even digital, to give aspiring Cambodians the easiest way to experience the best tasting pizza in the world,” continued Varma.

“We believe that Pizza Hut will be the pizza brand of choice among Cambodians, and we aim to promote the modern pizza experience by offering world-class tasting pizza to consumers at the right price,” said Heng Sengly, Group CEO of United Food Group.

“The number of Cambodians with disposable income is increasing rapidly and they’re looking for brands & products to enhance their modern lifestyle,” continued Sengly.

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Sengly went on to say, “It is a new trend that many Cambodians lead busier work lives and have more money to spend on leisure and high-class food. This means that eating at home and cooking their own meals has become less commonplace. That is why we want to do our part to make it easier for Cambodians to get the best tasting pizza from Pizza Hut.”