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Avon Philippines on building a centralised visual merchandising strategy with IWD

Brands as Avon are now on the constant search for measures that will drive footfall to store, all while digitising their retail processes and visual merchandising strategy to improve brand consistency and optimise operations.

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Retail in Asia looked into Avon, a cosmetics brand from the Philippines with over 40 years of experience in the industry, now with over 180 branches nationwide.

Though as indubitable as the social/ e-commerce trends that are gaining traction across markets – as of 2022, 98 percent of consumers plan to make at least one purchase through social shopping or influencer commerce, retailers are turning to concepts that seamlessly combine marketing efforts between click-and-mortar.

Playing a key role in a new wave of digitisation in the retail sphere, IWD’s very own cloud-based solution creates, implements and shares planograms, offers retailers and brands a complete control over their visual merchandising strategy. – Avon streamlined its visual merchandising strategies from its 2D real-time stockist guidelines, all while receiving resourceful recommendations and scientific prediction on customers’ next moves.

Through IWD’s Saas Platform, Avon gained useful insights on real-time product display in different retail locations across the country. Elevating from a pure Excel-based communication to a centralise digital platform shared among the whole company in real time, both frontline and backline employees are connected, with the ability to visualise their stores from a customers’ perspective, and experiment with different layouts and products assortment in a much faster and easier way.

“It was really life-changing for us. I think it’s important that because right in visual merchandising there’s a visual, there’s supposed to be a visual,” says Janine Goyena, Campaign Activation Specialist at Avon Philippines. “It really helps me, my team as well as our staff all over the country because it’s easier for them to have a guide if the products are there, how many items should be displayed. There’s a clear process on how we do our displays in stores.”

About IWD

Every expanding brand will at one point need to ensure its visual identity is kept intact while being adapted locally and through every distribution channel.

A brand or a retailer needs to make sure all customers receive the in-store experience that their retail planning teams have worked hard to create. However, creating and maintaining this visual identity can be more time consuming and laborious than expected if the right tools are not being implemented.

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IWD is an international company with more than 100 employees and offices in the US, Europe and APAC that offers SaaS solutions for visual merchandising. IWD solution allows brands to create 2D & 3D visual merchandising guidelines, execute in-store merchandising easier and analyse in real time their store performance.