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Shiseido opens new office hub in Singapore


Shiseido announced the opening of its new office in Singapore, located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District.

The move is part of Shiseido’s VISION 2020 corporate transformation, as the company focuses on accelerating growth in the second phase of its medium-to-long term strategy.

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The new office hub will house the regional headquarters of Shiseido Asia Pacific, the global headquarters for Shiseido Travel Retail and the affiliate office of Shiseido Singapore.

As centres of value creation, this structure facilitates flexible and agile decision making; enabling Shiseido to achieve significant growth through marketing activities attuned to the needs of regional consumers and global travellers.

As we continue to build for the future, Shiseido is committed to an increased investment in our brands, talent development, beauty innovation and business activities that will positively and sustainably impact society.

The new office will house three new dedicated facilities:

• Asia Learning Centre, a first-of-its-kind dedicated training facility that will train approximately 2,000 Shiseido employees from Asia Pacific, Travel Retail, Japan & China each year. Its programmes aim to develop leadership, function-specific and innovation skills and behaviours that are critical in supporting growth and bringing out the best from employees for Shiseido’s continued success.

• Asia Pacific Innovation Centre, which will enable open-source innovation, Asia Pacific consumer research, as well as create and localize a portfolio of highly specialised products for the Asian market and climate.

• Life Quality Beauty Centre: As we strive for a society that promotes greater happiness and positivity for everyone, this is a unique facility that provides private, specialized make-up consultations to consumers with significant skin concerns such as port-wine stains, nevus, scars, vitiligo and changes in appearance due to the side effects of medical treatment. Shiseido has helped consumers with serious skin concerns since 1956, when many in Japan suffered from serious skin burns post-war, by developing a foundation called Shiseido Spots Cover.

Shiseido Asia Pacific and the global headquarters of Travel Retail first established their presence in Singapore in 2016 & 2015 respectively; with the employee base almost doubling to over 250 employees, with nationalities spread across 17 countries.

The strategic location of the Singapore office puts Shiseido closer to key markets in Asia, enabling the company to leverage the region’s robust potential with its rising middle-class population. Growth in the premium beauty segment in Asia Pacific is forecasted increase by USD$4.4 billion from 2016-2021, while the mass beauty segment is expected to achieve more than triple this amount[1].

Asia Pacific also represents a key region and engine of growth for the global Travel Retail Channel. Current forecasts estimate that its beauty segment represents a potential market size of USD$26 billion by 2021[2]; the proximity of Shiseido Travel Retail aims to empower and guide the team alongside this growth.

“Our new regional headquarters is testament to our solid growth in Asia Pacific over the past few years and my commitment to our consumers and employees in the years to come – I am looking forward to our expanded capabilities in leadership & talent development, innovation and harnessing deeper Asian consumer insights. These will play a critical role in accelerating our growth across the region,” said Jean-Philippe Charrier, President & CEO, Shiseido Asia Pacific.

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“As we continue our trajectory towards achieving our Vision 2020 goals, this new modern office for Shiseido Travel Retail aims to be a place of innovation, creativity and collaboration for our global & Asia teams. We hope that this office will be a place to inspire our team and partners in new ways of thinking, continuing our journey in finding new and fresh methods of engaging our hyper connected travelers and pioneering new forms of retail entertainment,” comments Philippe Lesné, President & CEO, Shiseido Travel Retail.