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Shiseido makes plans for China

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Shiseido reinforces the regional headquarters system that oversees the business in China as of January 1, 2019.

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Moving towards the achievement of its medium-to-long-term strategy, VISION 2020, Shiseido will evolve further to ”Be a Global Winner with Our Heritage” by ensuring sustainable growth in the significantly growing Chinese market.

Under the new system, Shiseido will reinforce the brand business structure in the China region and its supporting corporate functional structure in order to enhance brand appeal to Chinese consumers and strengthen market execution.

As to the Brands Business, the management function of the Prestige Brands business in the China region and the CMO function of Cosmetics Brands & Personal Care Brands will be established. Furthermore, the strategic alliance with emerging e-commerce platform companies in the China region will be strengthened under direct control of the CEO of the China region.

At the same time, Shiseido will proactively support the business strategy and reinforce the corporate functional structure aiming to improve its organizational capability to ensure sustainable business growth.

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Shiseido will continue leading growth through the acquisition of greater competitiveness of the Chinese business and by reviewing the organizational structure to optimize functions for all areas and market characteristics around the world.