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Sephora partners with CHA LING at the Chinese International Import Expo

On 5th November, Sephora, the beauty retailer owned by LVMH, partnered with CHA LING, Sephora’s exclusive Sino-French luxury skincare brand, to co-present at the Chinese International Import Expo (CIIE).

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Sephora’s CIIE booth is situated at the centre of the LVMH exhibition area. Its black-and-white stripes were combined with CHA LING’s symbolic tea tree greenery, giving the booth a touch of nature-powered vitality. CHA LING The Cream, Eau de Toilette and other products were showcased for visitors to experience and appreciate the power of skin care deeply rooted in Yunnan’s tea forests.

As a Sephora exclusive brand, CHA LING made its CIIE debut at the Sephora booth. Born from an ecological dream, CHA LING was created in 2012 by LVMH Research with the hope of guarding tea forests deep in Yunnan’s Jingmai Mountain. With the brand philosophy “Beauty with a meaning, for you, for the others and for the world”, CHA LING hopes to share its sustainable skincare philosophy of “CHUN CUI” with consumers while promising to commit a portion of its proceeds to the conservation of Yunnan tea forests.

With Sephora’s premium membership and omnichannel retail resources, CHA LING will continue to deepen its efforts in the Chinese market and bring consumers more premium C-beauty experiences while contributing to sustainable development.

Source: Sephora

Angela Shum, Brand General Manager of CHA LING Greater China, said, “As a brand that organically weaves together Chinese and French cultures, CHA LING blends the skin care philosophies of the East and West. From the star ingredients to the brand philosophy, CHA LING is inseparable from Chinese culture; meanwhile its products are imported from France. We are looking forward to bringing this luxury skin care experience from Yunnan tea forests to more domestic consumers, meanwhile reciprocating the local ecosystem so that personal and environmental beauty can blossom together.”

CHA LING officially announced the new “Name a Tree” campaign, where consumers can buy the “the Cream for Queens” at CHA LING’s Shanghai TaiKoo Hui Store, Tmall Flagship Store or Sephora’s website, APP, WeChat Mini Program and selected Sephora stores, and then choose a tea tree to name in the brand’s tea forest reservation in Yunnan.

The new “Name a Tree” campaign is an extension of CHA LING’s “Tea Garden Project”. Since the brand’s inception, CHA LING has been committed to conserving and cultivating the ecological and biodiversity balance of Yunnan tea forests through sustainable practices. Through the “Tea Garden Project”, CHA LING has been working closely with Yunnan TianZi Biodiversity Development Center for 10 years, investing part of the brand’s proceeds in the conservation of tea forests in Yunnan, where over 110,000 tea trees and 6,000 other trees are planted in a 20-hectare conservation area.

Source: Sephora

As the parent company of Sephora and CHA LING, LVMH has always placed sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront of its development strategy. The Group works with its brands to develop acts that support the environment through its sustainability initiative LIFE 360, which places the circular economy, the protection of biodiversity, the fight against climate change and the transparency of product traceability as the 4 core pillars. It aims to build a new alliance between the Group and the nature, demonstrating LVMH’s vision of luxury of the future.

Being a premium beauty retailer of the Group, Sephora has consistently advocated for sustainable beauty consumption in response to the Group’s environmental vision. Over the years, Sephora has adhered to a green brand and product portfolio strategy and has collaborated exclusively with a number of brands embodying eco-friendly philosophies, including CHA LING. Sephora has followed a variety of sustainability principles in the process, ranging from raw materials and product production to packaging.

Ms. Maggie Chan, Managing Director of LVMH – Sephora Greater China, said, “Sephora is well versed in the fact that the environment is closely related to individual’s beauty power. As a member of LVMH, Sephora adheres to the Group’s LIFE 360 initiative. Not only do we empower the brand’s sustainable development with the belief of My Beauty Power, but we also infuse the concept of green beauty consumption into multiple aspects, including the brand philosophy, operation model and business ecosystem. Sephora is looking forward to working with all industry partners to build a better tomorrow for the beauty industry.”

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After 16 years of exploration in the Chinese market, Sephora has tapped into the rising trend of C-beauty among local consumers, committed to introducing more high-quality C-beauty products. Sephora also hopes to reduce the environmental footprints of beauty consumption and incrementally protect the earth with beauty offerings focused on sustainability. Through the platform of CIIE, Sephora and CHA LING serve as important representatives of LVMH as they look forward to jointly bringing more sustainable C-beauty possibilities to fulfil their beauty commitment to consumers.