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Salvatore Ferragamo: a new omnichannel pop-up lands in Beijing

Salvatore Ferragamo, the iconic, timeless Italian luxury brand, has recently opened a pop-up store at SKP Beijing for the launch of their new Silk Capsule Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

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Collaborating with a creative agency based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Branding Records, Ferragamo successfully created an immersive stage in line with its omni-channel retail strategy. Aiming at refreshing and fostering the creative and buoyant side of the brand beyond its long recognised savoir-faire, Salvatore Ferragamo translated and contextualised the brand storytelling into an one-of-a-kind emotional experience, to bridge and connect with the young, chic and trendiest generation in mainland China.

Source: Salvatore Ferragamo

The pop-up store is bold, exploratory, and loud in expressing the brand personality, making it the perfect tool in boosting brand awareness and connections. Constantly innovating and evolving in style, Salvatore Ferragamo turned the pop-up store into an exotic and extravagant mansion, filled with the extraordinary signature prints from the new collection which is characterised by the patchwork of iconic elements from Maison’s silk heritage.

Inspired by the brand icon, the store is divided into two rooms linked by a main entrance, with funky animal statues holding iconic Salvatore Ferragamo products serving as photo-worthy spots, whilst the center piece is located inside the right room where a bathing gorilla statue was holding a limited China edition Top Handle handbag. The colourful and appealing store design captivated the customers who are encouraged to share their photos taken with relevant spreadable shout-outs (hashtags) on social medias — a great way to generate noise among the crowd.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Source: Salvatore Ferragamo

Challenging the boundaries of the concept of brick-and-mortar, technology played a big role this time in enabling the interaction between Ferragamo and the customers. Complemented by a WeChat mini-program, the store demonstrated a smooth Online-to-Offline (O2O) enablement, to drive traffic to both physical and digital touch-points.

Through the mini-program, customers can enjoy a multi-sensorial sneak-peek of the Pop-up store enhanced by animations and soundtracks, save and share screensavers inspired by the new collection prints, explore or even purchase seamlessly the signature Salvatore Ferragamo products online.

Source: Salvatore Ferragamo

An invitation to the offline pop-up store will be sent to the customer upon completion of the digital exploration, where they can redeem a gift afterwards. The pop-up store and the WeChat mini-program, reinforcing each other to build and deepen the brand relationship in an engaging way.

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Welcoming the customers to dive in the enchanted world designed by Salvatore Ferragamo with all senses involved, this exclusive pop-up store extended the brand’s reach to the younger generations in mainland China, by communicating brand authenticity through a cutting-edge customer engagement practice, and transforming the customer journey, into an immersive, interactive and dreamlike exploration.

Source: Salvatore Ferragamo