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Retailers in Korea produce rat-featuring products for 2020


Retailers in Korea have been rushing to roll out a wide range of rat-inspired products for 2020, which is the Year of the Rat, according to industry officials.

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From high-end liquors, leather bags and accessories to cakes and marshmallows, retailers are offering products that feature rat-themed designs to catch consumers’ attention.

Diageo Korea has come up with the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Rat limited edition to celebrate the new beginning, as the Year of the Rat opens up a new 12-year cycle of zodiac animals.

This is the latest release of Johnnie Walker’s Zodiac collection on their packaging design.

“The iconic bottle of Johnnie Walker features a rat as well as intricate patterns to represent a rat’s dynamic life. It would be a perfect gift for those born in the Year of the Rat,” a Diageo Korea official said.

Shinsegae Food’s premium bakery The Menagerie has unveiled cakes and macaroons with rat-themed designs, hoping to get attention from consumers.

“To celebrate the Year of the White Rat, we have come up with cakes that resemble cute rats,” a Shinsegae Food official said.

In fact, 2020 is the Year of the White Rat in the sexagenary cycle, or the Chinese Stems-and-Branches cycle in the combinations of 10 heavenly stems represented by elements or colors, and 12 earthly branches represented by animals.

Emart24 said it plans to roll out Aseli’s Giant Mice marshmallow ― soft marshmallow mice in white with red eyes and in gray with black eyes ― on 4th January.

“We have been looking for products that can meet the tastes of the social media generation, who are eager to try out new things, and decided to introduce Aseli’s Giant Mice marshmallow. If the product becomes an instant sellout, we plan to expand its sales across all discount chains in February,” an Emart24 official said.

Fashion and beauty retailers are also trying to commodify the Year of the Rat.

Innisfree has launched the HELLO 2020 Mickey Mouse and Friends limited-edition collection, which can be the perfect gift idea for beauty connoisseurs.

This collection, which includes skincare, makeup and body care items, comes filled with exquisite items.

MCM’s New Year Capsule Collection features a quirky rat design that was inspired by Chinese puzzle Tangram, according to the German luxury brand.

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The limited series of handbags will encompass the design of a rat holding a piece of cheese, which represents wealth and abundance, it said.

(Source: Korea Times)