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Muji bets on India to push no-logo ethos

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The $2.5-billion Japanese retailer Muji, known for its no-frills, no-labels ethos, is looking to tap into a small but growing section of Indian consumers which is graduating from buying logos to purchasing brands with a philosophy.

Satoru Matsuzaki, president of Ryohin Keikaku, Muji’s parent, is optimistic the anti-brand proposition of the retailer will find takers in India’s urban centres just the way it did in China, which too has traditionally been a logo-obsessed market.

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Muji is in the process of opening its first India store next year in Hyderabad. With a store in Mumbai and the next one slated to open in Bangalore in September, Muji will gauge the Indian market for the first few years before adopting an aggressive expansion plan similar to China, which houses 170 stores presently.

In India, the retailer, which began life as a private label brand in a Japanese supermarket in 1980, will offer all of its products through its standalone stores. However, domestic regulations do not permit Reliance to open formats like Muji cafes locally. Darshan Mehta, president & CEO, Reliance Brands said that what will work for Muji in India is that it’s not a single-category retailer.

(Source: Times of India)