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RetailWATCH: The Visible Store – Data Platform for Retail Excellence

As retailers invest to attract and retain customers with the perfect shopping experience, the central role of the brick-and-mortar retail store is coming into sharp focus. When staffed by pleasant, well-informed associates eager to help, brick-and-mortar stores encourage browsing and sensory side-by-side comparison with merchandise that is ready immediately — without shipping charges or delays. When done well, it’s an experience unmatched by online alternatives.

But today’s customers expect more.

To position the store at the center of the shopping experience, and maximize the potential of expensive investments, retailers must integrate stores into emerging omni-channel frameworks. They need to offer information, interaction and services that work smoothly across old boundaries. This is accomplished through a real-time data platform that provides visibility into a single version of the truth.

Download the White Paper The Visible Store – Data Platform for Retail Excellence by clicking the above Download Report link.

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