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Loewe opens first Australia store


Luxury fashion and accessories brand Loewe will open its first-ever Australia store in December, opening in Melbourne early next month.

Loewe will open in Melbourne’s newly revamped Chadstone shopping mall and will bring to Australia the Spanish label’s new ‘Casa Loewe’ retail design.

The new store concept was introduced by the brand’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson, who took the helm of the brand in 2013 and steered it toward a more contemporary aesthetic.

Spanning 130 square metres, the debut Australia store features traditional interiors symbolic of a Spanish house, including stucco walls and Capri limestone flooring.

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Other heritage features include a signature agate stone slab laid over the entrance of the house-esque store, underpinning a vibrant green canopy.

The brand’s men’s and women’s collections will be showcased in the flagship boutique alongside specialised departments such as a made-to-measure and exotic skin items. A curated leather goods and accessories selection will also feature in the new store.

Loewe will retail in Australia under exclusive licence to Emerald Group Investments, which has similar distributor relationships with Rolex, Graff Diamonds and Bang & Olufsen.

A second Loewe store is slated for Sydney in 2017. The Loewe brand was first founded by Enrique Loewe Roessberg, as a leathergoods and bag brand, in 1846.