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Preface Coffee & Wine opens store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Sprawling across 5,500 square feet, Preface Coffee & Wine opened its first flagship store on 7th November in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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Following its Tin Hau and Central branches, EdTech company Preface brings to the stage an F&B lifestyle concept featuring a one-of-a-kind multi-functional space combining coffee, wine, technology workshop and lifestyle.

Situated close to a large number of start-ups and tech companies, Preface Coffee & Wine is a strategic trial launch for the brand globally. The flagship store aims to reshape the culture of coffee and fine wine and become a place where knowledge and a love of coding can become part of everyone’s daily ritual.

The four-storey flagship location of Preface Coffee & Wine boasts a minimalistic design of white tones and transparent and wooden furniture, which enhances the sense of space and transparency, bringing Hong Kong a remodelled version of an American Silicon Valley coffee shop.

The floors are inspired by a multiverse theme. A natural wood staircase runs through the two floors, where guests can enjoy a quick bite on the lower floor’s Grab and Go, while others can slowly sample their delicious meals and hang out at the futuristically designed Metaverse, which is located on the first floor. Preface Coffee & Wine inherits the meaning of “Preface”, and looks forward to using this space as a starting point to let customers reimagine the possibilities of the future.

Source: Preface Coffee & Wine

The flagship store aims to break the common dining myth, in which convenience and enjoyment of coffee shops or bars cannot coexist. The menu, which was designed by the well-known chefs in Hong Kong, is developed based on the dining habits of the tech-savvy customers, so as to allow them to work, enjoy and hang out with friends all in one go.

“What Hong Kongers need is space,” said Tommie Lo, Preface Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Preface Coffee & Wine hopes by expanding during hard times, the space will become a universe for a collection of creativity. Customers can spend the time to get a cup of coffee to enrich themselves with new technological knowledge. This way, coffee consumers will become creators of digital technology, which allows them to shine bright and move forward with the times,” continued Tommie Lo.

The interior design and configuration of the flagship store integrate the brand story, concept and the vision of education technology. The flagship store will hold various workshops taught by programming instructors with MIT-certification in the United States, so that “coffee fans” can learn about popular technologies such as A.I. (artificial intelligence); NFT (non-homogeneous tokens); Metaverse and more. The flagship store will also hold technology seminars and future cultural exhibitions with international companies, making technology even more accessible.

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A coffee store, wine bar and educational space rolled into one, the new Preface Coffee & Wine flagship location in Causeway Bay aims to serve up high-quality food and drinks to customers while also introducing them to the integration of technology into everyday life.