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OREO introduces OREO Music Box in Hong Kong

Oreo Music Box 1

The all-new OREO Music Box with functions of music playing, audio recording, and audio playback brings a new spin to OREO.

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With the OREO Music Box, an OREO cookie is transformed to a “mini-record” that plays upbeat melodies according to its different colors, flavors or thickness; or carries heart-to-heart audio messages for your loved ones.

Limited to 5,000 packs, the OREO Music Box is now available on shelves exclusively at 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong.

How to play

To play music out of OREO, place a complete piece of OREO cookie on the turntable, then turn the tonearm clockwise to the center.

The OREO theme song will start playing as the light switches on. The Music Box has stored up to five different melodies that would change according to the OREO cookie’s shape and size.

Oreo how to play
Source: Oreo

How to record

Give the OREO Music Box’s audio recording function a try after listening to the melodies. Press the black button and record as the green light switches on, and turn the tonearm counterclockwise to the edge to complete the recording.

Oreo how to record
Source: Oreo

After mastering these two functions of the OREO Music Box, there are also different OREO cookies to try.

In addition to the overwhelmingly popular and iconic black OREO cookies, consider trying the limited-edition OREO Red Velvet Sandwich – red cookies with cream cheese flavored fillings, as well as OREO Japan Crispy – thinner and crispier cookies with OREO’s signature silky fillings in either vanilla mousse or choco brownie flavor.

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This magical OREO Music Box is now available exclusively at 7-Eleven convenience stores all over Hong Kong.