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OntheList launches in Thailand

Independent members-only flash sales platform OntheList has entered Thailand, unveiling plans to revolutionise the luxury retail landscape in the country. With its members-only flash sales, OnTheList brings exclusive access to discounted rates on luxury brands, both in-store and online, to Thai consumers.

Invitations delivered via email contain unique barcodes that grant entry to two to four-day events.

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Having originated in Hong Kong in 2016, OnTheList supports luxury brands across the APAC region in selling surplus or past-season inventory. Since then, the start-up co-founded by Delphine Lefay and Diego Dultzin Lacoste has expanded its reach, launching in Singapore in September 2018 and Shanghai in 2019. In 2021, the platform further expanded to Australia, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Source: OntheList

With the introduction of its operations in Thailand, OnTheList enters its seventh market as part of its ongoing expansion efforts.

With collaborations spanning renowned premium brands, including notable names from LVMH and Kering, OnTheList has established itself as a partner in the industry’s premium to high-end category.

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As OntheList prepares to launch in Thailand, the company will introduce monthly pop-up sales, generating anticipation by announcing the featured brands via email prior to each sale. The inaugural sale in Thailand is scheduled for November 29 and 30, with the luxury brand partner being revealed exclusively to those who sign up for OnTheList membership.

OntheList co-founder Diego Lacoste, said: “Our flash sale approach not only efficiently sell stock but also champions sustainability, a value increasingly prioritised by today’s luxury-conscious consumers in Thailand. By minimising the environmental footprint of the retail industry, we ensure that pas-season inventory finds purpose. Additionally, OnTheList’s business model empowers brands to expand their reach and connect with a broader consumer base, using the flash sale platform as an initial touchpoint.”