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Okra Hong Kong to accept cryptocurrency

Okra Hong Kong

Game-changing neighborhood Izakaya, Okra Hong Kong, now accepts cryptocurrencies, the world’s most innovative digital payment method in order to provide guests with enhanced security and payment convenience.

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With Coinbase Commerce having recently debuted on the Nasdaq stock exchange as the world’s largest crypto exchange platform, Okra’s Chef Max Levy is doubling down on the potential of highly-ranked, high-liquidity cryptocurrencies. He believes Hong Kong’s food and beverage industry will soon follow suit.

The neighborhood Izakaya now accepts Hong Kong dollar equivalent payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD) and Ripple (XRP).

Chef Max is no stranger to redefining the restaurant industry. Okra Hong Kong was the first venue outside of the United States to join the Tock platform, and his decision to require pre-payment for omakase experiences is well-known to have paved the way for the no-reservations and large group deposit policy trends, both of which continue to protect restaurants from late cancellations and no-shows.

Source: Okra

Now, he remains at the industry forefront, as he continues to drive technological change by showcasing how both guests and restaurant owners can experience more flexible, reasonable, secure and convenient payment solutions.

In order to drive technological change in Hong Kong, guests using cryptocurrency to pay for their meal at Okra will receive 5% off of their total bill – a nod to the standard fees imposed on businesses that utilise credit card payments. All menu prices will be stated in Hong Kong dollars and the conversion rate will be given before payment.

As digital payment methods continue to gain traction, restaurateur Chef Max Levy believes: “W have always tried to pivot with the newest technology outside of social media to help offer a better and more rewarding experience for our guests. The evolving world of digital currency and blockchain is something that will benefit not only our industry by saving us high transaction fees from banks and credit card processing companies, but it will soon become a much more beneficial way for our guests to pay.”

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This new crypto payment solution breaks new ground in Hong Kong, since tech-leading countries, such as the US, laid the foundation for this new payment method in 2010, where cryptocurrencies are now widely accepted as valuable, secure payment solutions which allow guests to securely settle the transaction without the need of a third party and additional transaction fees.

Stay tuned for an interview with Chef Max Levy!