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NIVOSE enters Chinese market

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Not long ago, NIVOSE, the French luxury down jacket brand founded in 1933, came with not only the MOUNTAIN CHIC elegance featuring new trends of the European skiing season, but also its TAT collection.

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With its timeless brand philosophy and product positioning, NIVOSE has gained quick recognition from the entertainment industry upon entering the Chinese market, and has made itself “the I.T” winter item for the new-generation of celebrities and influencers on social media and reality shows.

It all started in 1933 when NIVOSE created the “authentic elegance for the true skier.” Standing between the economic crisis and the Second World War, and facing the shortage of resources and recreational activities, the 1930s witnessed the rise of snow season vacations and skiing in Europe, with the latter becoming a noble sport for gentlemen.

In 1933, NIVOSE, the premium brand for winter sports, emerged in the French Alps. After its inception, the brand pioneered in using innovative synthetic fiber materials to design ankle-tight stretch pants and improved thermal hooded jackets based on mountain windbreakers for skiers. In the early 20th century, NIVOSE provided equipment for the French expedition to the Himalayas and Arctic Circle, and later became the long-term provider of elegant and warm clothing for the French National Ski Academy. NIVOSE, who has been deeply influenced by the upper-class aesthetic and taste since the beginning, has studied the “authentic elegance for the true skier”.

Return to the brand’s origin, and market at Europe’s top ski resorts. After 80 years of experience-building in Europe’s snow seasons, NIVOSE will re-enter the French market working with major multi brand ski resort luxury retailers in the Alps.

As the brands inspirations come from the French Alps, NIVOSE has opened 7 retail stores in 7 world-famous ski resorts in France, and has hit the shelves of top-tier mountain chic, ski equipment and ski clothing shops. In addition, NIVOSE is working with retailers as La Canadienne and Le Bon Marché in Paris and more to re-launch the brand.

Apart from marketing campaigns in the brand’s birthplace, NIVOSE is also targeting the multi-brand retailer markets in other areas of Europe and North America.

NIVOSE entered the Chinese market on September 2019, bringing the beauty of details to the millennials who are keen on authentic quality and innovation. The first launch features not only the European MOUNTAIN CHIC ‘apres ski’ lifestyle, but also bold innovations in the functionality and structure of its down jackets. A TAT temperature adjustment “black technology” is introduced, making the down jackets capable of coping with the challenges of temperature differences. But that’s not all of it,

NIVOSE also brings to the China’s premium consumers the service style of French Haute Couture introducing “NIVOSE At-home for VIP” service, allowing customers to enjoy services, select and try on the products from the comfort of their homes.

A 1933 classic brand. How to create brand expansion for Chinas Millennial market? NIVOSE bets its ambitions for the Chinese market on the vast millennial population. Young consumers are the main drivers of growth in the luxury market. They want to express themselves through luxury goods, and value the culture and art behind the brands. Due to the brands rapid growth on Social Media, NIVOSE created an omni-channel strategy in order to gain strong pre exposure of its brand combining social media, new media, online retail, offline pop-ups, and cross-overs.

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NIVOSE will soon be in London for the Hatch Label Ski Pop-up event, London’s most influential ski pop-up event in 2019/20, which will feature top premium and independent mountain chic and ski brands.