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Narita Airport set to extend Terminal 2 retail and dining offer

Narita International Airport will extend the retail and dining offer in Terminal 2 in coming weeks, as international traffic returns.

Retail openings airside include Fa-So-La Tax Free Akihabara, a destination concept managed by airport subsidiary NAA Retailing. This store will open on 30 August.

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A health food store named Matsumotokiyoshi will open just days before, on 26 August. This will sell health and beauty items, including pharmaceuticals, health foods and cosmetics.

Both stores will be located in duty free mall, Narita 5th Avenue.

In addition, a ten-restaurant Japan Food Hall will open on 1 September in T2 airside.

Among the restaurants to open will be Ginza Kagari with its popular Toripaitan Ramen (Chicken Broth Noodles), and Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa, which has a 90-year history as an eel wholesaler. Other concepts are Soba Otaki (noodles), Gyukatsu Kyoto Katsugyu (beef cutlets), Kanno Coffee, Sushi Kyotatsu, Tempura Nihonbashi Tamai, Teppanyaki Dotonbori Kurita, western-style Mitsumoto Tei and Fruit Parlor Miz. Most are firsts for the airport or for Japan.

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The F&B environment features a modern Japanese design concept with a panoramic view of the apron. Narita is the first airport in Japan to feature terrace seating for F&B after passport control.