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Mirror boyband frenzy in Hong Kong

Last month, a crowd of fans gathered as early as 5am in the Harbour City shopping mall to get the chance to see an appearance of Anson Lo, one of the 12 members of local band Mirror who have taken Hong Kong by storm, as he was invited to Moschino store to launch their Hong Kong exclusive fine art teddy bear oversized tee, to be personalised.

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The fan culture surrounding the group has not gone unnoticed. From Calvin Klein to McDonald’s to Samsung, Mirror members have starred in many ad campaigns over the last six months. As fans are buying products endorsed by their favourite band member, many brands are leveraging the popularity of the boyband to boost their sale.

A quick look at the band members’ social media gives an idea of the scale of the phenomenon. According to admanGO, member Keung To ranked first in the team with 81 brands mentioned on his own social media during January – June 2021. During this period of time, MIRROR’s followers reached 2.87 million, and IG fans accounted for 87 percent of the total.

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This phenomenon is a result of  ‘a sense of joy and pride that Hong Kong finally has their own local celebrities’, one observer reported to SCMP.