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Maison 21G expands in Vietnam

Maison 21G

Maison 21G, the Parisian haute perfumery brand, which encourages customers to blend their own signature scents, has opened a new flagship store on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in late October.

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Maison 21G, which has a strong presence in Singapore, is now exploring the potential of the personalised perfumery across Southeast Asia. Vietnam has been on their radar since the the brand was launched.

With a fast-growing luxury sector, and an average population age of 32, Ho Chi Minh City perfectly fits the brand’s millennial-targeting approach. It has a long-standing love of French culture, and has demonstrated an eagerness and willingness to embrace high-quality perfumes.

The growing luxury sector and the awakening of Vietnamese consumers to better, more personalised, and more experiential customer journeys, has presented a commercial landscape in which the Maison values can truly thrive, reported the brand.

The store brings Vietnamese consumers the same experience, personalisation and brand interaction as the other shops in Singapore. Customers can engage in a hands-on perfume-making experience, with scent personalisation enabled both in-store and at their signature perfume ateliers.

When breaking into a new market, brands need to adapt and evolve while also remaining true to those values which have brought success in the first place. For Maison 21G, this began by taking practical steps – such as setting up a full e-commerce website translated into Vietnamese – but also by embracing the diversity inherent to this move.

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“It has been especially interesting to see how the Vietnamese scent profiles differ from our Singaporean and Thai audiences. While perfume fans in Singapore love the Mimosa, Sage, and Ocean scents from our collection, and the Thai bestsellers are Vanilla, Raspberry and Oud, the Vietnamese are rushing for Incense, Rhubarb, Cedar, and Sandalwood scents, clearly showcasing a national preference for woody, bright, and sensual perfumes,” reported the brand.