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Korea’s Nonfiction to launch in Hong Kong


Korea’s lifestyle beauty brand Nonfiction takes its first step toward the global market, starting in Hong Kong.

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For its takeoff in the Hong Kong market, the brand collaborates with Sephora, a global player that has been a partner for Nonfiction in Korean market. Since it joined the lineup of Sephora Korea, Nonfiction has constantly recorded top sales in its channels and noticed an increasing interest of the global market, including Hong Kong.

Nonfiction is a lifestyle beauty brand created for and inspired by your most honest self. Based on the finest raw materials and delicate steering, it presents a fragrance line that creates a mysterious and unique mood, and a body care product line that completes the beginning to end of the day cycles.

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Every Nonfiction product has a unique fragrance narrative. Created in collaboration with top-tier creators from world-renowned steering companies the five fascinating signature scents show the world of pure beauty and inspiration for Nonfiction.