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Korea’s MODAMODA strengthens O2O strategy in the US

Moda Moda Inc., a Korean cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor that launched the MODAMODA shampoo brand in 2021, announced the official launch of its online store in the US market. The company said in a statement that it aims to expand its O2O strategy and that it is building a factory to make inroads into the US market, and even reviewing relocation of its head office to the US.

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MODAMODA was the first company in the world to apply the natural polyphenol browning in apples and bananas to shampoos and created a stir in the functional shampoo and hair-dye markets both in Korea and abroad. In June 2021, MODAMODA entered the US market and started selling through major retailers such as Amazon and H Mart.

At the Amazon launch, stocks sold out on the first day. In October last year, the company introduced a special edition shampoo celebrating Korea’s ‘Hangeul Day’, and 5000 sets were snapped up in just 12 hours.

“The US is the world’s largest hair-care market. It is also steadily growing at the rate of 6 percent a year. Encouraged by the positive response of US consumers, MODAMODA set a sales target for this year of USD 240 million and are actively expanding both online and offline retailing networks,” said Ayden Bae, CEO of MODAMODA,

He added that MODAMODA is “actively seeking to expand their overseas markets by building a factory in the US and may even relocate their head office.”

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MODAMODA will run a variety of promotions such as free delivery service and special discount offers for regular subscription customers in celebration of its online store launch.