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K11 and 9GAG unveil the MEME Museum in Hong Kong

Memes have become the universal language of the Internet, where a picture or even a simple joke can turn into an instant sensation. Memes allow people to unleash their creativity and attract likes and shares from netizens all around the world.

This summer, K11 Art Mall defies the limits of creativity, and brings the latest in arts and culture to Hong Kong by joining hands with 9GAG – world-renowned meme platform with 200+ million fans – to bring the first-ever online-to-offline MEME Museum where some of the most viral and humorous memes are transported from digital feed to K11 Art Mall.

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In this never-seen-before collaboration, K11 Art Mall and 9GAG handpick 100+ viral memes from Hong Kong and around the globe to bring to the physical world. The MEME museum consists of 7 themed zones, each showcasing famed memes from different time periods in various forms such as imagery, 3-D figures, and even scent.

Guests will be able to revisit some of the most humorous memes from the classic “Saltbae” to “Swole Doge”. Adding even more fun with AR technology, memes such as “Confused Nick Young” and “Side Eyeing Chloe” can now be realized in their physical forms on digital devices. Plunge into the 4-D meme-sphere and experience memes with tailored scents like never before. With the added olfactory dimension, guests can now relive some of the greatest memes (like recreating the “Disaster Girl” scene by coupling the visual with its unique scent) in a full interactive sensory experience at K11 Art Mall.

The museum offers three exclusive meme experiences. The first being the “MEME Me” Snapio Photobooth in Hong Kong. Guests may become the main character in their own meme at the specially designed “MEME Me” 4-grid Snapio photobooth. In addition to preset dialogues, guests may change the photo backgrounds to various meme scenes to recreate that iconic moment.

K11 MEME Museum_Meme-go-round_3
Source: K11

The second is the limited edition Meme Yes!Cards. As Yes!Card celebrates its 30th anniversary, this nostalgic childhood memory of many Hongkongers will surely become a hit once again. This time K11 Art Mall continues to reinvent the iconic pop culture by transforming Yes!Cards into meme Cards. Draw a GAG and over 80+ meme Cards await for collection, including the special glitter editions. What is more is guests may scan the QR code on the back of the Yes!Card for a chance to win a shopping spree.

The third is meme tattoos. At the MEME museum guests may pick from some of the best memes to showcase on their bodies with temporary tattoo art.

Meme fans must not miss out on the “These MEMEs Aren’t Ours™️” board game specially created with Hong Kong-style humour for the launch of MEME Museum. The first thousand copies of the limited edition board game will be launched exclusively at the MEME museum at K11 Art Mall, as well as at the Hong Kong Book Fair in July.

With NFTs gaining traction, K11 Art Mall has taken the lead in launching in collaboration with 9GAG the world’s first meme NFT artwork, titled “In Meme We Love”.

_In Meme We Love_ Meme NFT
Source: K11

A collage of over 100 of the most viral memes, this 1/1 authenticated edition meme NFT charts the history and evolution of memes, and is indicative of the full spectrum of emotions tacitly understood only by the Internet. And if look closely, guests will find the K11 Logo and the 9GAG founders (a.k.a. the king of humour) among the meme wall of fame. This mother-of-all NFT artwork will be displayed at the MEME museum at K11 Art Mall, and it will be auctioned off on the trading platform Foundation starting mid-July – art lovers stay tuned.

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The world’s first MEME Museum is available at K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong from 17th July to 5th September.