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Which channel do Koreans shop more on at home?

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Home shopping in Korea is now done more through mobile and online channels than TVs, data showed.

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According to data reported by the Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI), the volume of merchandise transactions made via digital channels such as online shopping malls exceeded that of TV transactions for the first time last year.

Web-based and mobile transactions accounted for 49 percent of home shopping in the first quarter last year, overwhelming 47.9 percent of TV shopping.

The digital share got bigger throughout the year – 50.4 percent in the second, 50.1 percent in third and 51.2 percent in the fourth quarter at the expense of the decline in TV shopping.

In 2019, TV channels made up 49 percent of home shopping and digital channels 47.9 percent.

With more time spent on phones, Koreans have become more used to live commerce or T-commerce, interactive shopping on digital TVs.

Revenue generated by T-commerce soared in 2019 to US$767.7 million from US$152.8 million in 2015.

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Transactions were made via smartphones rather than fixed line with 71.4 percent of orders placed through smartphones in 2019, up from 68.9 percent in 2017.