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UNIQLO to held a unique exhibition in Seoul


Japanese SPA brand UNIQLO opens a unique exhibition in a billiard room.

The brand holds an exhibition on the theme of “WEAR YOUR WORLD” to showcase sleeved polo shirt, UT, released every summer, to the general public at the ‘Billiard Room’ in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

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UT, which was first released in 2003, is a UNIQLO graphic t-shirt. It interacts with various genres such as music, art, movies, animated characters, pop arts and cartoons.

This exhibition is designed to illuminate the T-shirts that directly and clearly represent the most basic fashion items and personality and values that every person has in terms of UNIQLO’s life wear,” said UNIQLO.

Under the theme of Art & Culture, Brands and Character, nine of UNIQLO’s lineups were exhibited.

In the Art & Culture Zone, you can see the lineup of SPRZ NY that symbolizes the meeting of art and fashion. It’s fun to use the projection mapping technology to keep the graphics on the wall on the T-shirt constantly changing.

In the Brands zone, the brand showcased the UK’s leading interior brand ‘Studio Sanderson’, the ‘American Movies” inspired by five American movies representing the 1980s, and ‘The Brand Masterpiece’ line expressing iconic goods of 21 brands.

The ‘Lego’ lineup was also revealed and attracted attention. This year, Lego celebrates its 60th anniversary with the 40th anniversary of the Mini Figure, and it has attracted attention by presenting a design that utilizes past logos, patterns and vintage packaging that had never been disclosed before.

In the Character zone, there were various Disney characters such as’ Magic for all’ and ‘2018 UT Grand Prix’ award-winning works on the theme of Marvel were also on display.

In particular, this year, the collaboration with the character brand ‘Kakao Friends’ was released. It is expected to be launched in May after showing its first line in this exhibition in Korea.

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UNIQLO officials say, “T-shirts are a basic item that goes beyond the gender, age and nationality of people all over the world.” In particular, UT has the special ability to express individual personality and taste in one piece of T-shirts. It’s like an instant messenger that connects all over the world.”

UNIQLO’s “WEAR YOUR WORLD” exhibition is open from 1 pm to 10 pm on weekdays and weekends.

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