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Skincare gadgets becoming household necessity in Korea

Young men are driving skincare market in China

The demand for electronic skincare devices is growing as consumers seek more affordable and time-efficient options to use at home rather than visit a dermatologist clinic.

Electronics firms have been promoting a wide array of products, claiming they improve skin tone and suppleness using various light frequencies, sonic waves, and ion charges.

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Online retailer GS Shop recorded over 5.7 billion won (US$5.3 million) in sales with LG Electronics light-emitting diode (LED) masks this year. On June 3, the retailer sold 3 billion won worth of LED masks made by a smaller local firm named CellReturn in just one hour.

The products are not cheap and prices vary widely depending on the brand or product model. Some cost 200,000 won (US$190) but higher-end products advertised by top actresses such as Kang So-ra can cost up to 1.7 million won.

Even the latter price, however, is considerably lower than regular treatments at the dermatologist.

The appeal seems to be greater for older women with increasing skin problems and working women or mothers who need quick, hassle-free remedies. The mask _ like other recent skincare devices _ simply needs to be switched on and placed over the skin for a few minutes each day.

“Regular treatments at a dermatology clinic are too expensive,” said a 62-year-old housewife surnamed Kim who lives in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province. Kim recently bought an LED mask for 200,000 won.

“It’s light and convenient to use, so I leave it by my bedside and use it before I go to sleep,” she said. “About two months after I started using the mask, people said my skin looked brighter.”

“But I’m not sure why the LED masks by bigger companies are so expensive,” she added.

Before LED masks, there was the electronic cleanser brush, which became well-known here in 2013 with the popularity of L’oreal’s Clarisonic face cleanser. A similar device launched the following year by Eyesel Creative, a local firm, was also well received by consumers.

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Companies are capitalizing on the recent boom of the home skincare market with a diverse array of products.

A local brand, introduced a vacuum face massager for relieving muscle tension and getting rid of dirt from pores. The handheld light therapy device by Makeon, a daughter brand of cosmetics giant Amore Pacific, has three different wavelength settings to address different types of skin concerns.

The homecare beauty equipment market, already estimated at 450 billion won, is growing by 10 percent every year.

(Source: Korean Times)