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Major breakthrough for Shilla as hotel expansion plans are granted

In major breaking news, Hotel Shilla has won long-awaited Seoul government approval to build a traditional Korean Hanok hotel on its Jangchung site in Seoul.

The site, located in the renowned and beautiful Namsan mountain nature preservation area (and near the famous Fortress Wall of Seoul), currently houses Shilla’s flagship hotel (the new facility will be positioned nearby). The application had been the subject of numerous earlier rejections and the breakthrough comes as a tremendous boost to the company.

Not only will Shilla get a new hotel (expected to open in 2020) but the associated expansion of its flagship downtown duty free store (adjacent to the existing hotel) has also been approved.

It is reliably understand that Hotel Shilla will immediately start planning for the extended store. It will offer an approximate +40pc increase in space over the current 6,910sq m shop. That represents a more modest expansion than the desired near doubling of space but the self-imposed limit is widely seen to have helped in gaining planning approval.