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Lululemon leader in experiential marketing

Source : The Business of Fashion

Healthy diet, meditation and breathing, gift wrapping, those are the free classes that Canadian Yoga clothing brand Lululemon offers for the public every month.

The Cheongdam Flagship Store, which opened in May 2017, runs a whole floor as a studio for experience programs.

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For Lululemon it is important to promote healthy lifestyle rather than simple product marketing, and will be much helpful to secure customers by offering brand experience.

Lululemon is considered to be a leader in experiential marketing. Founded in Canada in 1998, the brand has a business philosophy of “enabling everyone to enjoy a happy life through products and experiences that change their lives.”

Lululemon Experience ‘Community Class’ does not mean that all classes are directly related to yoga clothing sales.

There are Yoga-related classes such as Ashtanga and Broga (men’s yoga) for the brand experience, but there are many other lessons such as flower arrangement, gift wrapping, healthy diet, weaving, boxing.

Ice yoga, which started with the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel l in December 2017 and set to be running until March 2018, is very popular for instance.

Lululemon Korea officials said “Lululemom stores around the world run yoga classes after heir business time. However, Korea is the first to separately have a yoga studio for the classes such as Cheongdam Flagship Store and Stafield Hanam in Asia.

It is important to secure Korean consumers who are sensitive to trends. In addition, 30% of the class participants voluntarily purchase clothes.

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Lululemon receives their review from not only customers, but also exercise experts who participate as lecturers and community class participants to reflect on product development.

In January 2018, ‘Asian Exclusive Line’ event reflecting Asian people’s body shape was  held at Cheongdam Flagship Store. “The opinions of demanding Korean consumers play an important role in establishing an Asian business strategy,” a company official said.

(Source: News Hankyung)