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Louis Vuitton launches Korean online store


Luxury brand Louis Vuitton launched its Korean e-commerce website on 24 January 2018.

On the website, it is possible to order products at the same price as domestic stores in Korea.

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E-commerce has been growing rapidly in the global market and Korea, but luxury brands have been reluctant to open e-commerce sites. Recently, however, these fashion houses are showing interest in Ikarmus.

The popularity of online shopping is increasing and as a result, the number of luxury brands entering the new online market has grown in recent years.

Louis Vuitton’s decisions to open online store comes from the fact that Korean consumers are very tech-savvy.

In June 2017, LVMH Group launched its luxury online store ’’.

The site, launched E-commerce services in French and English, and had 150 different luxury brand products, including over 30 of its own brands offering a delivery service to 75 countries.

Also Le Bon Marche, the French high-end department store owned by the LVMH Group, has move to the online market.

The LVMH Group has now completed its lineup of digital services for its fashion and beauty brands since the launch of Champagne, Wine and Lifestyle-oriented e-Shop ‘Clos 19′.

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LVMH has started its digital transformation after hiring Apple Music’s chief director, Ian Rogers, as chief digital officer (CDO) in 2015.

According to the industry, e-commerce in luxury goods accounts for 7% of total sales and is expected to rise to 12% by 2020.

(Source: LV )

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