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Burberry celebrates its flagship store in Seoul with the artist Danny Sangra

Burberry celebrates its flagship store in Seoul with the artist Danny Sangra

Burberry held a special event with British illustrator and artist Danny Sangra from 28 to 29 November 2017 to celebrate the new Doodle collection in Cheongdam flagship store, Seoul.

‘Doodle’ means ‘playful graffiti’. The Doodle Collection is a playful scribble with a felt marker pen from reversible canvas tote bags, sneakers, silk and cotton blend scarf, wallets, pouches, belts and other small accessories.

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In January, 2018, Burberry will show men’s and women’s wear such as dress, trench coat and sweat shirt by adding gorgeous neon color.

Burberry official said, “We have grafted a variety of British design elements such as red, white, blue, dark storms, rainbows, stripes and polka dots into the British flag as well as graffiti patterns.”

Doodle collection products are currently available at Burberry flagship stores and Online (

At this special event, Danny Sangra presented his exclusive collection of sketches.

Danny Sangra, who visited Korea for the Burberry Doodle Exclusive collection, explained how he created a unique illustration for the Burberry flagship store.

In addition, Danny Sangra’s work station, which is set up separately at the store, allows him to customize the bag directly to the dog’s back.

Danny Sangra also showed the process of customizing the Doodle bags.

During the event, both the window and the internal display of the store were transformed into a ‘Doodle Concept’, and a photo booth was also installed to create the artwork design of Danny Sangra into a photo.

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The event will be showcased in five cities in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and London starting from New York on 16 December 2017.

Danny Sangra is also an English director and writer, graduating from Central Saint Martins, and an artist, illustrator, and photographer. He already had collaboration with Burberry’s archival project “Now Then” last summer.

(Source: C News)